Our refurbished Scanima Turbo Mixing Plant is the perfect tank for turbo mixing,homogenising,emulsification, pasteurisation, etc., under continuous scraping and stirring of highly viscous products like powder/liquid or liquid/liquid within a wide range of products. With various accessories the machine may be fitted to also exhaust moist with vacuum, vent, heat, boil, cool, etc. In general, the Scanima Turbo Mixing Plant is distinguished by its very short process time and a strongly reduced quantity of additives to the finished products. Among other things the Scanima Turbo Mixing Plant is very suitable for the following:
-DAIRY PRODUCTS Prepared and treated cheeses, cheese spreads, cream desserts, ice-cream blends, soft ice, sour cream, etc.
-DELICATESSEN Homogenises, mixes, stirs, kneads, pulps and emulsifies. Works up fruits and vegetables, mixes mayonnaise, salad dressings, pies, curds, emulsified soups and sauces, etc. in a few minutes.
-CONFECTIONERY AND SWEETS Mixes, heats and cools in one sequence of operation in the same machine.
-PHARMACEUTICALS AND COSMETICS Produces ointments and pastes, jellies, syrups and emulsions, juices and solutions of various kinds. In the same production the products are mixed, homogenised, heated and cooled. Hard, soft, viscous and frail substances are produced in extremely short time.

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