We will continue to place high importance in executing our business continuity plans, and yet at the same time, be sensitive enough to adjust according to latest developments and guidelines from relevant governing bodies.

In light of travel restrictions from our principals A+F Packaging Solutions and IMA Benhil going forward, we are asking customers to consider the following to ensure continued effortless support for production and lessen any downtime impact on packing machines;

– Ensure your Remote access is operational and trouble free.

– For existing Remote Access Connections – test now on your end and confirm operation with Supplier/Oursleves. Ensure that staff are familiar with setting-up connection with supplier(s). As a fallback have mobile numbers and direct dials for Key contacts and should that person be ill then standby contacts.

– In addition to above we would ask customers to consider now and for the future the Remote Maintenance / Diagnosis if available for your machine – In the best case this can allow supervision of machines directly by the supplier, independent of your network via a UMTS-capable Modem with secured connection to the MachineLink-Server.

To ensure support in all cases for interruptions to our customers we would ask that the above requested information be immediately given to our responsible person.

Contact us for further information.